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At La Provenquière Estate, winemaking know-how and respect for nature have been passed down from generation to generation since 1954. From Achille Robert, founder of the vineyard, to his grandchildren today, everyone is committed to enhancing the potential of the Languedoc terroir at the heart of the estate.

It is revealed thanks to the unique expertise and passion of the men and women of the Robert-Boularand family: from the precise work of the land and the vine to the vinification and aging of the wines; from the respect of the specificities of the plots through the perfect knowledge of the grape varieties and the control of the harvest.

This traditional know-how and this respect for the family heritage joined touches of innovation – brought in particular by the latest generations – in terms of viticultural culture and winemaking processes. Not resting on one’s achievements, questioning oneself, exploring new avenues are an integral part of the family philosophy which aims to build the history of the vineyard and above all to envisage its future.

In this perspective, it is quite natural that La Provenquière Estate has been committed for several years to a sustainable viticulture approach that respects the environment.

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A vineyard looking to the future

The La Provenquière vineyard extends over 155 hectares in the heart of a triangle located on the first slopes of Languedoc, between Capestang, Maureilhan and Puisserguier.

The soil of its 155 hectares is one of the essential components of the estate’s heritage. Its preservation, while respecting the environment and maintaining biodiversity, is one of the main concerns of the family, representative of its commitment and the fundamental values it claims. With the idea of ​​one day transmitting this exceptional terroir to future generations.

Respect for the soil and polyculture

At La Provenquière, respect for the soil requires the implementation of sustainable practices, aimed at limiting phytosanitary inputs and fertilizers. Among these “green” and natural practices, the estate cultivates leguminous plants such as fava beans which contribute both to providing nitrogen, essential to the vines, and to structuring the vineyard soils.

The delicate balance of the ecosystem is maintained through thoughtful polyculture and respectful and sustainable land management. The vines thus mingle with the crops of olive trees and cereals. The dry-stone walls and mazets rub shoulders with small bodies of water as well as tree hedges and grassy strips where wild flora and fauna come together.

Biodiversity at the estate

The wine-growing territory of La Provenquière Estate is also enriched by the presence of insects and animals. Bees, whose hives are installed in the heart of the vineyard, promote the reproduction of vine flowers and the biodiversity of the farm. The sheep and goats on the estate improve the fertilization of the soil.

All these virtuous agricultural initiatives, adopted and implemented by the Robert-Boularand family, represent a real asset for the preservation of the family and natural heritage.

Domaine La Provenquiere



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For four generations, the Robert-Boularand family has cultivated the richness of its know-how of the profession of independent winegrower at Domaine la Provenquière, in particular through a strong environmental commitment. The family practices a reasoned viticulture there, labelled HVE 3 and respectful of the emblematic wine heritage of Languedoc.

From the vine to the bottle, the ambition of La Provenquière Estate is to produce authentic wines and original quality cuvées, while respecting family tradition and the environment.

These strong values ​​materialize through the commitment of the vineyard as a member of the Fédération des Vignerons Indépendants, a movement which works for independent and authentic viticulture, driven by the diversity of its terroirs, its climates and the know-how of the women and men who compose it.

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