This castle, dating from the 15th century, successively owned by Jean Provenquier, Marquis de Puisserguier in the 18th, was transformed in its present state by Paul Teissonière, Councilor of Napoleon III, who acquired it in 1860.

The Robert family became owner in 1954. The vineyard, with an area of ​​155 hectares, is spread over 3 communes. The grape variety allows the elaboration of a wide range of wines of Pays d'Oc, in white, rosé and red.


Domaine de la Provenquière is located in Capestang near Béziers, in the Languedoc area of the South of France. Boasting a distinctive tower clad with green roof tiles, it overlooks the surrounding countryside.  Dating back to the 15th century, there is evidence of its past history throughout the centuries….

When it was built, it was called ‘Puech Faucon’ mostly probably due to the birds of prey in the surrounding area….



In the 17th century, the estate’s name was changed to ‘Provenquière’ after its owner, Jean Provenquier. It was a French custom to feminize the owner’s name and call his residence after him.



In 1860, Paul Teissonnière, counsellor to Napoleon III, bought the estate. A member of the Paris city council, he also belonged to the French agricultural society and the wine association, amongst other organisations, and thus worked alongside Louis Pasteur on ‘wine and its preservation’.

Undertaking significant renovation work, he transformed this former tenant farm into a chateau, adding the top floor and its slate-clad roof. Inside, the facilities that remain show a degree of modernity for the time, with bathrooms on every floor and an immersion heater. Through the impressive gates is a courtyard facing the original buildings which offers a vista of the entire chateau.




During the 18th century, the estate was owned by the Marquis of Puisserguier’s family, from the house of Caylar. Written evidence dating back to the period attests to vineyards being grown on the property.



In 1954, Paul Tessionnière’s descendants sold the chateau and its land to Achille Robert, a wine negociant in the small village of Cruzy near Capestang.

At the time, the estate owned vineyards and orchards.

Since then, Domaine de la Provenquière has belonged to the same family. Achille passed it down to his son Max and his wife Anny. The orchards were removed and the vineyard was extended to accommodate a greater range of grape varieties.


In 1994, their two children, Brigitte and Claude, took over the business and in 2015, the next generation joined the estate.